I grew up in Eastern Europe, where traditional bread was a part of daily life. We purchased our bread daily at local bakeries, often still warm, fresh from the bread plant.  I became interested in bread making after I moved to the US.

I learned that good bread doesn't tolerate shortcuts and requires patience, skill, and passion to make. I love making bread, and I love sharing it with my customers.

We are blessed to be in a city that provides clean and great tasting artesian well water to its inhabitants. We use only artesian well water in our dough and for steaming the loaves in the oven.

We use unrefined sea salt in all of our breads.



AbouT US



A good loaf of bread begins with good flour. You will never find any harmful chemicals in our bread. We use only the best unbleached unbromated flour. A good portion of the flour is milled on premises right before mixing the dough.  Many of our ingredients are organic or naturally produced.

We hope to become all-organic some time in the future.

Each little grain packed with nutrients gives home to a whole community of wild yeast and bacteria specific to the particular type of grain. When flour is mixed with water and provided with good growing environment, these little guys work hard fermenting the dough, making it nutritionally more valuable, and of course adding impressive flavor to the bread. We use wild leaven in every recipe, thus making our loaves both tasty and healthy. In some cases we add a pinch of commercial yeast to offset the whole grain's natural resistance to rising.


For hundreds of years, long before bread making was industrialized, bakers around the world were using similar traditional methods of bread making -- hand kneading, stretching and folding the dough, slow fermentation, shaping loaves in a way that ensures most impressive rise, steaming, boiling, and baking at high temperatures to give bread its chewy crust and beautiful color.  Artisan bread baking strives to preserve and perfect traditional methods, bringing the best of history and flavor to your table.